Homosexual marriage and the catholic church essay

The church is actually very accepting of homosexual persons. Homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church Homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church 11 November Homosexuality Today the topic of homosexuality is often a controversial one around the world, but one that arises frequently none the less.

When confronted with this issue, the Vatican not only acknowledges the fact that indeed God did create many people with homosexual orientations, but the Church also offers recommendations on how such people should live their lives. Therefore, because no sexual act is to be performed outside of marriage, no homosexual acts can be accepted, or even go uncondemned according to the church.

Homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church

Actually, there has been a flood of scandals involving heterosexual female teachers and their underage, heterosexual male students.

Marriage, as indeed was universally recognized until very recently in the West, is premised on the duties arising from the possibilities and challenges posed by the procreative potential of a man and a woman. These specifically sexual desires cannot be fulfilled in this relationship; the true purpose of this relationship is spiritual friendship.

The church does not discriminate against homosexuals, it simply teaches that all sexual acts are to be performed within a marriage between a man and a woman, and are to be open to the possibility of creating and raising children. For Catholics, any sexual acts performed outside of marriage without the openness of bringing forth new life are sinful acts.

The Catholic Church's homosexual problem

This includes at the National Shrine in Washington, [1] [34] and during mass at St. Because neither two men nor two woman can fit the description of a proper Catholic marriage, there is no way that the church could ever accept or condone sexual practices between two men or two woman.

And what do you expect to happen when you have thousands of homosexual men who are single for life, some of whom are fairly young, and who are in intimate environments with teenage males.

The magisterium is absolutely opposed to marriage equality i. Therefore, for those homosexuals who are born with their sexual orientation, did God not create them that way.

First, I am not a Catholic-basher. The Church invites all men and women to see in their sexuality the possibility of a vocation. As an America, same sex marriage is a topic I hear almost daily when I am home. According to these two statements, the church is in fact not homophobic at all.

As for priests or potential priests who are same-sex attracted, they should seek out help for their sexual conflicts, not being allowed to serve until they have a clear and persistent track record of holy, disciplined living.

For example, no one chooses to be an alcoholic, but one can become habituated to alcohol. That is what the John Jay study found. He also indicated his belief that 'Corporate America' was lined up with the gay rights movement: Aquinas stated that God orders, directs and governs the entire universe and all the ways of the human community Yip, Its president, Bill Donohue has described the Church child sex abuse crisis as a "homosexual" problem rather than a "pedophilia" problem since most of the incidents involved sex between men and boys rather than girls.

The church simply states that no sexual act is to be performed outside of marriage without being open to accepting and raising new life. In fact, it is very accepting of homosexuals, and loves them in the same way as it does heterosexuals.

In the third book of his treatise on Spiritual FriendshipAelred of Rievaulx discusses how imperfect youthful friendships can be perfected. At this time, the Roman Catholic Church does not normally exclude male candidates for seminary because they have a homosexual orientation.

Therefore, I have researched the position of the Roman Catholic Church regarding not only homosexuality, but also same sex marriages. According to Catholic Answers, which is an authoritative source for accurate Catholic teaching: Several years ago, I wrote about a relationship I experienced in my late teens.

This poll indicated that Roman Catholics are more supportive of marriage equality than are the average American by a full ten percentage points. There can be little hope of living a healthy, chaste life without nurturing human bonds. After Aelred describes the ideal of spiritual friendship, Walter, a young monk, replies: The church calls all of its members to love and accept all human beings equally, despite their sexual orientations.

In addition to the call for all Roman Catholic laity to be accepting and supporting of homosexuals, the hierarchy of the church also requires all riests and religious to offer love and support to homosexuals as well.

However, they can obtain absolution for their sin through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, often called confession. In neither case is our erotic desire or romantic preference sovereign or autonomous; in both cases, we will inevitably be called upon to make sacrifices which we would not choose if we were writing our own scripts.

This community can be a rich source of human relationships and friendships, so vital to living a healthy life. Does the view expressed by the Magesterium and Catechism reflect the view of the People of God?.

As an aside, since the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a compendium of church teaching on various topics, does not address bisexual or transgender persons but rather “homosexual persons,” I. The Roman Catholic Church and Homosexuality Part 1 Homosexual teachings and beliefs based on the Bible, church tradition, and natural law.

Some teachings of the Catholic Church about homosexuality. The Catholic Church's homosexual problem Michael Brown in response to latest scandal: 'The clergy should be allowed to marry' Catholic men will not want to give up marriage for the priesthood.

Gay Marriage and the Catholic Church All young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to.

The Catholic Church thus teaches: "Basing itself on sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.

In my opinion, marriage should not be restricted to be celebrated in the Catholic Church. The church is a place for worship, Eucharist, and in the case of a funeral, mourning. The church is a place for worship, Eucharist, and in the case of a funeral, mourning.

Homosexual marriage and the catholic church essay
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