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At his death in he controlled all of northern India from the Indus River on the west to Bihar on the east and from the Himalayas south to Gwalior. Muslim allowed divorce and widows were allowed to remarry.

In OctoberShah Jahan, son of Emperor Jahangir succeeded to the throne, where he inherited a vast and rich empire.

Mughal Empire

From Islam, he borrowed the idea of one God and no priesthood and borrowed many Hindu ceremonies. The Islamic purdah, a law requiring Muslim women to be veiled and not reveal most of their skin, was one of the many impediments on the Moghul women.

Mughal dynasty Genealogy of the Mughal Dynasty The Mughal Empire was the dominant power in the Indian subcontinent between the midth century and the early 18th century. Her original plan was to administer the government, and in the end she formed a junta, which worked like a parliament.

Her original plan was to administer the government, and in the end she formed a junta, which worked like a parliament. Babur was only the emperor of India for four years before his untimely death in Which increased problems with peasants.

Till his death, it was declared as the state religion. Hindu rulers challenged Auranzeb, he reacted by reinstating a tax on non-muslims and destroying many Hindu temples. Babur created a great government, which accomplished great tasks.

Founded init officially survived untilwhen it was supplanted by the British Raj. The Sikhs, originally a peaceful sect that attempted to synthesize Hindu and Muslim beliefs, became militarized by persecution and by controlled much of the Punjab in northeast India.

Essay: Mughal Empire

Aurengzeb overthrew his father Shan Jahan in He and his men battled against Afghan King of Delhi and triumphed, even though they were outnumbered. Akbar created an absolute government, which controlled everything, and he was in charge.

Mughal Dynasty Essay

At one point of time, it was estimated that Bengal produced over two million pounds of silk a year. At one point of time, it was estimated that Bengal produced over two million pounds of silk a year. Muslim and Hindu women also had certain duties they had to fill and had to follow.

During the start of the sixteenth century, northern India was under Muslim leaders till it fell in the hands of the Mughals. He made alliances with Rajputs and appointed native generals and administrators.

History, Art and Culture. His word was law, which was the Moghul theory. Along with constant warfare, corruption grew. The system of government used by the Mughals was very effcient in holding on to their power.

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Akbar had great, loyal subjects, who he hand picked based on ability and merit. At the height of his political power, Akbar ended the taxes on non-Muslims and permitted Hindus to build new temples, creating religious tolerance. There were many causes for the decline and fall of the Mughal dynasty.

Essay: Mughal Empire The greatest flourishing of northern Indian culture, art, and imperial strength undoubtedly took place during the reign of the Mughal monarchs of the 16th and 17th centuries. The Mughals were Central Asian descendents of the great Mongol warriors Ghengis Khan and Timur. Mughal dynasty, Mughal also spelled Mogul, Arabic Mongol, Muslim dynasty of Turkic-Mongol origin that ruled most of northern India from the early 16th to the midth century.

After that time it continued to exist as a considerably reduced and increasingly powerless entity until the midth century. Read Mughal Empire free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Mughal Empire. While the Mughal Empire was extremely large in both size and population, it was very faulty and led to chaos /5(1).

Mughal dynasty

The decline of the Mughal dynasty has its seeds sowed in many factors, such as persistent European interference in Indian affairs and a central bureaucracy losing more and more influence to regional chieftains and kings. HISTORY OF THE MOGHUL EMPIRE including Babur in Kabul, Babur in India, Humayun, Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri, Jahangir, Moghul miniatures, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb, Moghul domes, The Moghuls after Aurangzeb, Europeans in the empire.

The Moghul Dynasty Essay - The Moghul Dynasty The Moghul Dynasty changed India into one of the greatest empires. It was stretched out over almost two centuries. During this rule, the emperors turned an un-unified nation into a prosperous country. I will discuss the rulers of the Moghul Dynasty and how they changed Indian society.

The moghul dynasty essay
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